Your Friend With Benefits®

Great Broker!

YFWB is a great broker to work with. I highly recommend Kaven’s services. His business acumen is amazing and he is very knowledgeable. His attention to detail exudes confidence in his knowledge of the products he offers. He always answers emails promptly and always has the answers. Most importantly is an active broker who takes interest in the well being of his clients.

YFWB Rocks!

Kaven and his team are very knowledgeable and proactive at finding creative solutions for group benefits. They go above and beyond to find customized benefits that both employees and employers can be happy with. Kaven goes to bat for his clients to ensure they gets the best benefits possible. His knowledge and drive to succeed is what makes the difference between YFWB and others.

He’s the guy

Excellent service, timely response, definitely the one to go to for all insurance needs

Director, Technical Services

FWB is one of the most customer centric companies I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with. Kaven worked tirelessly with us to cater a set of benefit solutions that fit our employee needs perfectly. And he regularly reaches out to us to make sure our needs are met. I highly recommend FWB for the products delivered and the service they provide.


I’ve known Kaven for several years. He is an enthusiastic person who always maintained his professionalism with patience and an ability to explain and demonstrate strategy clearly, he drew out the very best of his customer service..

I know Kaven to be hardworking,responsible, honest and courteous. I confidently recommend him for any insurance benefit.

FWB Exceptionally Caring

We need more people like Kaven, who provide an exceptional service to all his clients. The best part is he truly cares and that is priceless. A true friend with benefits for all your employee benefits.