Your Friend With Benefits®

Director, Technical Services

FWB is one of the most customer centric companies I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with. Kaven worked tirelessly with us to cater a set of benefit solutions that fit our employee needs perfectly. And he regularly reaches out to us to make sure our needs are met. I highly recommend FWB for the products delivered and the service they provide.


I’ve known Kaven for several years. He is an enthusiastic person who always maintained his professionalism with patience and an ability to explain and demonstrate strategy clearly, he drew out the very best of his customer service..

I know Kaven to be hardworking,responsible, honest and courteous. I confidently recommend him for any insurance benefit.

FWB Exceptionally Caring

We need more people like Kaven, who provide an exceptional service to all his clients. The best part is he truly cares and that is priceless. A true friend with benefits for all your employee benefits.

Raj R
From Mr. Friend With Benefits

I am Kaven, and perhaps even Your Friend With Benefits. I’m the main broker of record for this company. If you know me, you’ll know I’ve always liked my own ideas. I’d like to think I’m pretty creative. I apply a considerable amount of effort to service my clients. And I’d like to use this opportunity to thank every single person that dedicated the time to meet with me and even elect me as their representative.

Your Friend With Benefits

During my second year of study at George Brown College, I had the opportunity to act as an Assistant Financial Advisor to Kaven Kafshbarghi, Advisor at Sun Life Financial. I learned critical skills and I gained tremendous experience from working together with Kaven which has proved to be beneficial in opening new doors for my future career path.

The position taught me to focus on a high standard of customer care, key sales techniques and detailed characteristics of various financial and insurance solutions.

I enjoyed the diverse projects that Kaven and I worked on as I acquired the analytical knowledge and understanding of what it is like to be a Financial Advisor. Through this cooperative, my sales skills improved exponentially and I have sharpened my confidence and knowledge in all manner of products.

Working with Kaven was the catalyst to being awarded the CIBC Financial Services Scholarship while attending George Brown. This distinction in addition to having Kaven’s reference afforded me the edge I needed after graduation to acquire an immediate position of employment in the financial services sector.

The skills I learned and the experience I have gained through working with Kaven have been invaluable. I highly recommend working with Kaven to any student wanting hands on training and to gain the necessary experience to get their foot in the door like I did.

Testimonial #3

Professional, resourceful and reliable

From Subhastin K

Just met Kaven, and he was very keen to look at how his clients would benefit from our offering.. but he was tough with the questioning in order to satisfy himself in choosing whether to offer us to his client!