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My name is Jiaze G, who was lucky to have the opportunity to work for KavenKafshbarghi for a few short months in 2017 as a financial advisor intern. I have no priorexperience about insurance field, but Kaven, as my mentor, taught me every basicknowledge about insurance with patience.It was amazing that I met Kaven during my first internship. When I worked with him,I always felt the passion he has about his career. When I had some questions aboutinsurance, Kaven always gave me the most professional answers. The passion he has,the professional skills, and his wise thinking, influenced me on both career planningand the attitude towards life.I would describe, Kaven, as an approachable supervisor, a professional insurance broker,and a role model for younger generation.

Rina-Lee R

This is one of my very best friends Kaven Kafshbarghi. I met him when he sold me Health Benefits for our Company. I was so impressed with his initiative and creativity (he called his company, Your Friend With Benefits lol) I pushed him through with my CEO. He knows more about company benefits than any human should, and he often bores the hell out of me when he shares ALL the details. Then he smiles proudly and says, “see, a normal rep wouldn’t give you this kind of useful information”. (where’s a normal rep when I need one :)) He is my biggest supporter. He has come to every single Speaker Slam event, often paying for babysitting and bringing his lovely wife, or pressuring his friends, neighbours and employees to attend with him. He is always buying food and rounds of drinks to support the bar, sending food up to Lily at the front, buying drinks for me and Dan. He’s lent us his T-shirt press and helped us make Speaker Slam t-shirts, he’s lent me his party room for my “You Pitch Like a Girl” workshop, driven me and Lily around to give out cakes to the homeless (almost getting beaten up in the process), shown up at my Toastmasters contest, sick as a dog and pretty much been the nicest guy in the entire world. I’d like to take credit and say I must be an amazing person to deserve this – but the truth is, Kaven is like this with all his friends. So if you are looking for a new friend, add Kaven. The only prerequisite is that you have an odd sense of humour and enjoy hearing about health benefits. 🙂

Executive Service Representative

I started off as an intern at Your Friend With Benefits Inc. During my internship here at Your FWB, Kaven has taught me what it is like to be a Financial Advisor (obviously without actually performing the tasks that a licensed advisor would do). It was a very educational internship for me. I’m forever grateful that Kaven saw potential in me and has officially hired me as his Executive Service Representative. Everyday is a different day for me because I’m always learning new things from Kaven! Words cannot describe how amazingly talented and hard working Kaven truly is! You won’t ever regret coming to Kaven for your insurance needs, he always goes the extra mile to ensure that his client are satisfied 🙂

Wealth and Health Broker

I have known Kaven for the past couple of years. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to group benefits and individual insurance. Whenever I am working with a client who owns a business, I don’t hesitate to bring Kaven in to discuss his expertise. He is an asset to individuals and business owners who want to enhance protection and benefits within their respective families or business

Testimonial #30

Generous, funny and ever passionate about his work, he will go that extra mile for his clients,family and friends! He always works tirelessly to ensure that his clients get the best plan they desire and deserve. You are in good care w Your FWB! He is the real deal!


After initial reluctance I met with Kaven a number of times to discuss the needs of my company in insuring my family for medical benefits. I found Kaven to be engaging, but more so very focused on my needs and issues, and he presented me with many excellent options,of which I took the best one suited for my family. Kaven is knowledgeable, and focused on the best results for his clients, I would recommend him to anyone looking out for their family.

Testimonial #28

Dealing with Kaven was a breeze. He is an extremely friendly and patient person (especially with a novice in insurance like myself). But where it really counts and sets him apart from the rest, is his deep understanding and expansive knowledge in the field.
It is an asset to have him on my side maneuvering through the labyrinth of insurance options. Thank you Kaven!

Manager, People

Kaven was an incredbile help while I was trying to get our Canadian entity up and running under a very short timeframe. He was always available and went above and beyond to help out and get the best possible option. I was absolutely work with Kaven in the future and would recommend him to anyone who asked.

Testimonial #26

As a benefits provider and Third Party Administrator, ASSOCIUM Benefits has worked with Kaven for a few years. We are always impressed with his drive, innovation and thorough approach to serving his clients. Kaven is not satisfied until his clients are.