Your Friend With Benefits®

Our Advantages

Cost control & renewal support

In business, your costs should be a controllable factor. You cannot let the insurance companies dictate what your renewal will be. As professionals we can offer you strategy and support at every renewal. Your Friend With Benefits Inc. can help you to keep your group benefit plan affordable and valuable. Consistency is vital.

A great broker can strategically prepare for your renewal a year in advance prior to the renewal.

Employee presentations & surveys

Employee presentations are always optional, however also recommended. This is the stage where we can emphasize the value of your plan by presenting it attractely. Here we can also communicate the difference between using the plan and abusing the plan – this can have an effect on claims and even promote stability and control. Ask us about employe surveys.

A great broker will offer regular employee presentations.

Contact support

Communication is the key to making any relationship survive. The right support will mean happier employees and an easier to maintain plan. Every employee should have our contact information. Every employee should have the carriers support line information. And every employee should feel valued as everyone of them is a company asset.

Your relationship with Your Friend With Benefits will include clear communication support.

Birthday cards

Your group employee benefit plan is developed with the intention to retain your employees. Also to promote healthier, happier, and more productive employees by reducing absenteeism and presenteeism. As an added value, every employee will receive a happy birthday card from our team. Sometimes it’s the little things that go a long way.

Your Friend With Benefits Inc. can send your employees happy birthday cards to promote value and recognition.