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Get a Medically Underwritten
Life Insurance Quote:

People that are in good health often want to prove that they are in good health at an effort to get a better premium and a better plan. Getting a medically underwritten life insurance quote means answering a comprehensive list of medical questions and potentially meeting with a nurse do a blood and urine test. Often the insurance company you chose will also need to reach out to your medical doctor in order to get a medical report to verify your good health.

This process of verifying your health is called, 'underwriting' andcan take up to 90 days before the insurance company responds We often use works like your “insurability” which means your ability to be insured. When the insurance company responds, the decision can either be an approval, a decline, a rating, or a postponement. Approval means you've been approved and at this time you'll have 10-days to decide risk free if you'd like to keep your plan. A decline means you simply don't have coverage and you haven't paid for anything. And a rating means you're approved but perhaps at a slightly higher cost which could be a result of your health, or even the health of your family members. If you have pending medical tests that need to be completed, sometimes your application can be postponed until all the results are in. And depending on your health, there is a possibility of an exclusion for pre-existing conditions.

Get a Guaranteed
Life Insurance Quote:

There are generally two types of people who want to get a guaranteed life insurance quote.

The first type is a healthy person who doesn't have time to get a medically underwritten life insurance quote. The 90-day underwriting period, the nurse visits, the doctor’s reports, all these things deter people from buying insurance. Getting a guaranteed life insurance quote is quick and easy. A couple basic questions and you are approved. No nurse visits. No doctor’s reports. Fast and easy insurance.

- The second type is someone who does not want to prove their health. Maybe they have a bad medical history, or even a terrible family history. It could be that they have a criminal past that they don't want to disclose or alcohol abuse problems. Or they simply just don't like needles or blood tests and want to avoid that all together.

Guaranteed life insurance is non-invasive. It’s very fast and easy to qualify. There are different types of guaranteed life insurance plans that are available. Some plans will offer "deferrals". Which means if you pass away in the first two years for example, rather than paying the death benefit, your family will simply receive a full refund of your premium as if you never had insurance to begin with. Some people are deterred by this idea, so they choose not to buy insurance at all which often confuses our advisors. Not buying insurance means you just never have insurance at all! Rather, it may make more sense to get started as early as possible and get the deferral period out of the way.

Some guaranteed life insurance policies will still pay the death benefit in the deferral period if the death is accidental or caused by an illness other than a pre-existing condition. While some other guaranteed life insurance policies will not have any such deferral period or exclusions and will cover you on the day you're approved.

The best way to understand the limitations in your guaranteed life insurance policy is by speaking with one of our advisors. With dozens of insurance companies to choose from, we can help you find the best polic

When you apply for a guaranteed life insurance policy, you're usually approved instantly - or within a few days of your application. Some insurance companies will even start your premiums in the second month of coverage, so, it's easy to get started.

Application is FREE

Did you know that applying for life insurance can be FREE!? In fact, the insurance company will even pay for your application. When you apply, the insurance company may pay for the cost of a nurse to travel to your house and complete an assessment. And the insurance company may even pay your doctor to complete a report. You’re not required to pay for anything when you submit an application. When you apply, you'll have two options. To pay, or not to pay your premiums.

Month to Month Contract.
No Cancellation Fees.

The Life insurance plans we sell will come with a policy (sometimes called a contract).

Even though there may be a term listed within your policy - such as a 10-year term or a life pay - YOU are never locked-in. All the policies we sell are month to month contracts. And if you wish to stop at any point, you can. With the policies we sell, there are never any cancellation fees or early termination charges. You have the power to decide the fate of your own policy.

Some of the policies we sell may even include a cash value. From one perspective, it means the insurance company will pay you to cancel early so they don't have to pay out the much larger death benefit. Ask us about our policies with cash value. Cash values are accessible in numerous ways, one of which is borrowing from the policy. The borrowed amount may accrue interest. But from one perspective, the borrowed amount may never need to be repaid by you personally. The borrowed amount will either be recovered when you pass at which point it'll reduce the death benefit, or will be repaid when you cancel at which point, will reduce the money returned.

How to get a quote

Just follow three easy steps

STEP 1: Select between medically underwritten or a guaranteed life insurance quote. Enter your age and get a quote.

STEP 2: Select from the various insurance companies available and apply!

STEP 3: The insurance company will issue the policy and review it! Learn More

To help you calculate how much insurance you need, use our free online calculator

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We make Life Insurance easy to understand and easy to apply. This is how Life insurance should be. We want to support you through an easy process. Give the gift of Life.

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What are the costs of waiting?

Dozens of factors will impact your premium with your age being one of the most critical factors. The younger you are the less expensive it is and the more options you have. The cost of waiting is very high as your premiums become more expensive every year. Many people buy life insurance for their children because they invest into limited-pay plans. Which can mean you pay for the first 20 years and never pay again. People who wait end up paying higher premiums because they are older, and often end up paying for it with their retirement savings. The savings that was intended to help them enjoy life ends up paying their premium.

Generally speaking, your health does not improve overtime. Your health can slowly deteriorate. Waiting to buy insurance possibly means that you may not qualify later. And if you do, it could be for deferred life plans. And it's not just your health you have to worry about. Your family's medical history will impact your ability to qualify as well.

Sometimes people will wait until they have aneed. "I don't have children therefore I don't need life insurance". Often, they don't consider the basic need of paying for the cost of burial/cremation. There is still a cost to die, even when you are young without children. We refer to those expenses as "final expenses". Even if you're young, if you do pass, not only will your family suffer emotionally, but they'll suffer financially as well as they'll have to pay for those expenses since you didn't buy insurance.

Everyone buys insurance, even the young. Often parents will buy it for their children - not because they are concerned about the financial impact of passing - but because it's easier to qualify and the costs are lower and there are better plans available.

Not to mention, there is a such a thing as "protecting your future insurability". Maybe you don't have kids today, but in a few years, you plan to have kids. By purchasing insurance today, not only do you get lower premiums, but you protect your ability to have insurance later. As if your health changes between now and then, it may be harder to qualify for later.

buy life insurance for your family, to cover your Mortgage, or as a charitable donation.

If the solution is affordable, why not get started today?

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Kaven was an incredbile help while I was trying to get our Canadian entity up and running under a very short timeframe. He was always available and went above and beyond to help out and get the best possible option ...
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Dealing with Kaven was a breeze. He is an extremely friendly and patient person (especially with a novice in insurance like myself). But where it really counts and sets him apart from the rest, is his deep understanding ...
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Generous, funny and ever passionate about his work, he will go that extra mile for his clients,family and friends! He always works tirelessly to ensure that his clients get the best plan they desire and deserve. You are in good ...
Michelle K

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Life Insurance Needs Analysis


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