Health & Dental Insurance FAQs

What is Individual: Individual means a contact between the applicant for insurance and the insurer. Where the applicant of insurance can be a single person, a single parent, a couple, or a family unit such as husband, wife, and dependent children. Often, people will apply with “Individual” coverage when they don’t have any benefits provided by their employer. Generally, when applying as an Individual, medical underwriting is often required and pre-existing conditions are not covered. If health is an issue, there will be a simplified underwriting product available which offers limited coverage.


What is Association Member: This means that you belong to an association that has made an agreement with the insurer. And as a result, you have a rare solution available to you. The plan and price will be similar to obtaining the coverage as an Individual, however, you benefit from Simplified Underwriting. This means if you can truthfully sign the declaration, coverage can be provided to you with your pre-existing conditions covered, which is unlike applying as an individual.


What is Company Employee: This means that your company has agreed to implement benefits for all eligible employees and may also agree to share a portion of the premium. Underwriting is made simple and the application process is even easier. A simplified declaration is provided, and you can be covered with your pre-existing conditions covered.


How do I determine what kind of application type is best for me?: The best way is to consult with an advisor. FWB Advisors can work closely together with you to determine the best way to apply.