Employee Retention – Reduce Turnover – and Just Showing Off.

June 21, 2018

In one word, what is every business’ worst nightmare? .. TURNOVER. It can be a business’ greatest avoidable expense. A business in itself can’t move. It needs people to create relationships, process orders, balance the transactions, and simply operate.Turnover means all your original investment into training and developing that relationship with that employee is wiped out. It means you need to invest money, time and energy into recruiting. And cross your fingers that you make the right decision the first time around. Because that new employee will need some guidance, training and supervision. And new employee’s are generally dependent and therefore under perform for for the first short while.

When we hire employees here at Your Friend With Benefits Inc., we keep them! It’s not too difficult. Just show your employees respect, recognize their accomplishments & GIVE THEM A GREAT BENEFIT PLAN (quotes found here www.yourfriendwithbenefits.ca, hint hint)

The attached image is a birthday card that I (FWB Boss) received from one of the staff members here.