Client Travel Updates – GMS

March 18, 2020

Important policy updates from our partners at GMS

Client travel extensions and top-ups

Effective immediately, we will only be allowing clients to extend or top-up their coverage to an expiry of March 31st at the latest. This should give clients the additional time they need to arrange travel back to Canada as per the Government’s recommendation. If a client is already on a trip and their emergency medical coverage expiry date is beyond March 31st, there is no change. However, we will not extend or top-up their coverage.

This only applies to emergency medical coverage that’s part of:

  • TravelStar plans
  • Individual Health plans (Personal or Replacement)
  • Group plans

Immigrants & Visitors to Canada plans are not affected by this change.

Need some more information about policies and their changes? Feel free to visit their frequently asked questions here.

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