Your Friend With Benefits®


Thanks for considering a career with Your Friend With Benefits Inc. We’re always on the hunt for new talent to service our wonderful clientele.​

This is a competitive industry, but rewarding if you’re successful. We don’t make short term sales in this industry. Any insurance or investment plans are created with the consideration of a long-term goal. We’re in a service-based industry that requires one unique skill – and that’s relationship building!

Minimum personality traits before considering to apply:
You must have an incredible personality
You must be extremely friendly
You must have a desire to support individuals and businesses.
You should be different. Standing out and being unique is encouraged. You’re each divine so let yourself out and shine!

You can join us as a Financial advisor if you meet the minimum criteria plus have an educational background in financial planning. You’ll be continuously and forever tested! One of components that make us successful is that we value quality over quantity.

You can join us as a Team leader. This is a franchising opportunity that allows you to host your own FWB office. This is a challenging position to acquire and an incredible opportunity while mutually beneficial.

You can join as an International student. Let us know if you need a position as an FSR. We’ll review this opportunity together. We’ll determine if we can be the right fit for each other.

You can join us a Co-op intern – It’s always encouraged to start out your career with only the best habits. Here, you’ll learn as much as you’re willing to put into it, and you’ll only learn the best habits to treat your clients the way they deserve.