Are you heading south for the rest of the winter?

January 2, 2020

Have you decided to run South for the remainder of these cold months?

Whether you are a snowbird or just looking to add to check off another item on your vacation bucket list, your travel plans should always include Travel Insurance. Maybe you already have Travel Insurance in place but you are weary as to whether what you have is enough? A lot of times we are not as protected as we think.


Travel Insurance offered by you Credit Card isn’t always the best stand alone option.

Credit cards vary with what they offer their customers. If a trip was booked with your credit card, you might be covered for items such as trip interruption, lost or stolen luggage and sometimes even emergency medical coverage up to a certain amount. It’s always recommended you review the terms of your coverage and try to supplement it with a small additional plan to make sure you are completely covered.

Workplace Travel Insurance policies can also come with restrictions

Travel insurance offered through your place of employment is always an amazing benefit but as with the Credit Card coverage it may be very basic and not offer the coverage needed for you and your family. Some common limits include restriction on the trip duration, eligibility restrictions such as age or hours worked and sometimes even required health and medical stability clauses.

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Bon Voyage and Safe Travels